Important Info / T&C



The "Early Session" is a family friendly event for all ages.

Persons aged under 18 must be accompanied by an adult aged 21 or over

Please Bring Photo ID

ID maybe required at our bars if you look under 25 (Challenge 25) 
All other event info below

The "Late Session" is strictly over 18s.

Please Bring Photo ID

ID maybe required at our bars if you look under 25 (Challenge 25) 
All other event info below

Festival Cash & Card Facilities / Payments

The bars will accept cash as well as chip & pin or contactless payments.
The food vendors will accept cash (as well as card) as will the side stall contractors.
It is advisable to bring some cash along, especially if you intend on using the side stalls.
There will be NO cash machines on site, however there are a number of supermarkets / shops close to the event site (within half a mile) should you need to withdraw money.

Tickets / Event Entry Requirements:

Each adult (aged 18+) will be required to produce a valid e-ticket for the event upon entry.

(either via print off or on a mobile phone / tablet etc) for scanning / checking into the event. If multiple tickets for a group booking have been made via one payment medium, then please state the person's name who made the booking at the entry gate. 

Upon checking in, you will be provided and fitted with a 'wristband'.

Children in the "Early Session" will be fitted with a wristband and the phone number of the responsible adult written upon the band. This is a condition of entry, and refusal will result in refusal of admission.
Wristbands MUST be worn at all times, if any persons are found without a valid wristband (and subsequently when approached, a valid ticket) will being escorted off of the site by our security personal. 

Alcohol: The event will be operating licensed bars and you will need to be aged 18 or older to purchase alcohol at them. Please be aware that if a member of the bar staff team believe that you look under 25 years old (challenge 25 policy) You may be asked to provide proof of identification and if you are unable to do so, will not be served alcohol. It is illegal to buy alcohol for another person who is under 18.

Ticket Holders: Cannot bring their own alcohol onto the site, any alcohol discovered will be confiscated.

NO GLASS ON SITE - All drinks we serve will be dispensed in plastic containers.
We will be providing branded reusable plastic cups (at a one-off fee of £2) you can then use this for the duration of the event for your drinks and also keep it after the event.  

Smoking Policy: Smoking is not permitted in any of the indoor areas. Smoking in any indoor area is illegal and could result in you being fined and or removed from the event site.

 PARKING: There is strictly no on-site parking at Priory Country Park. We highly recommend using public transport.

Disabled Attendees / Carers / Accessibility

The event site is held on a predominantly flat grass parkland. Parking is adjacent to the parkland field.
There will be disabled toilets at key points around the event site (such as just after the main entrance, near the main bar and near the main arena)

Please note: you will be required to show proof of your disabled status at the main entrance gate. Please bring a copy (paper or image on a phone etc is fine) of your documentation, badges etc) to the main gate and our staff will verify with you.


✗  Glass including all bottles.
✗  Brought in Alcohol of any description
Ticket Holders Cannot bring their own alcohol onto the site, any alcohol discovered will be confiscated.

✗  Liquids over 175ml (excludes sun screen / lotion)
Adults can purchase bottled water at every bar for just £1
(Water is FREE in the case of urgent need for all attendees at the medical point / welfare station by the main entrance)

✗  Food (excluding baby food)

✗  illegal substances, psychoactive substances, nitros oxide and legal highs
✗  spray paint aerosols
✗  spirits (alcohol)
✗  anything that could be reasonably considered for use as a weapon (including cans)
✗  candles, sky lanterns
✗  portable or disposable barbecues/gas/paraffin lamps or any fire/gas related cooking equipment
✗  portable laser equipment and pointer-pens
✗  drones, quadcopters, remote controlled flying devices
✗  megaphones, air horns, compressed air
✗  fireworks, flares, smoke bombs, smoke machines
✗  large or portable sound systems.
✗  animals with the exception of guide dogs
✗  unofficial tabards or hi-vis jackets
✗  professional camera or video recording equipment (including SLRs and anything with a detachable lens)
✗  campfires are not permitted

✗  wind socks or large flags inc poles

Sorry no Dogs allowed :/ unless a registered guide dog.​

Permitted At The Event:

(✓) Camping chairs

(✓) Towels & picnic blankets

(✓) Baby food

(✓) Sun screen / lotion 

Further Terms & Conditions

  1. Persons suspected or deemed to be carrying out illegal and/or offensive activities and/or behaving in an anti-social manner within the site can be searched and/or evicted. 

  2. Persons who have gained access to the site without a valid ticket, permission, or other lawful authority to remain, or have gained access by fraudulent means, will be searched and will be evicted. 

  3. Eviction will be to a suitable and safe location at the discretion of the organisers. 

  4. All visitors should be aware that this event takes place in an outdoor, rural location. Please bring appropriate footwear and clothing. 

  5. Participation in all activities on site is voluntary and is at your own risk. All due care and attention should be maintained on a personal level.

  6. Sound levels at this event may cause damage to hearing. Please bring ear defenders if you require them. 

  7. No stalls or market sales without permission of the organisers. 

  8. All attendees give permission for themselves to appear on both audio and visual recording made by or on behalf of the organisers which may be used or published by the organisers in photographs and other media to report on this event and promote future events. 

  9. Please respect the countryside and the environment and be respectful towards those living near the site.

  10. The venue may on occasions have to conduct security searches to ensure the safety of the patrons.

Refunds / Rescheduling

All tickets are non-refundable.

Refunds will be given on major cancellation, or by the way of material alteration, or by special exception determined by us in our sole discretion. 

For the purposes of these T&Cs: ‘major cancellation’ is the cancellation of the event in full (not a rescheduled event) by us, the event organisers, ‘material alteration’ is a change (other than a rescheduling) which, in our opinion, makes the event materially different to the event that ticket purchasers, taken generally, could reasonably expect. In particular, please note that the following are not deemed to be ‘material alterations’: changes to the line-up of the event; adverse weather conditions; changes to individual members of a band or act; changes to the location of the event. Curtailment of the event where the majority of the event is performed in full; and delays to starting the performance of an event; a ‘special exception’ is an exception determined by us (Wingmania Organisers) at our sole discretion.

If any event has to be rescheduled, tickets for the original event remain valid and no refunds will be offered.
If the event is cancelled via conditions outside of our control (i.e, a ruling of the government, local council, environmental health and safety officer due to a COVID-19 related incident (local lockdown etc) then we would reschedule the event at a further date with the same line up where ever possible. We will endeavour to reschedule any event within12 calendar months of the original event. 


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